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I have exercised due diligence to prepare this information and I present it in good faith. In case of any doubts, feel free to ask by phone or by e-mail.

My goal is to provide my clients with general information about the course of the coaching process. If there is a need to refer my client to another specialist, I will share my observations and ask for permission to provide recommendations. The sessions are completely confidential. If at any time it becomes apparent that there is a risk of harm to a client or another person, I am legally obligated to seek further assistance through an institution or a third party such as a doctor. Our relationship and cooperation are professional, not social, which is of great importance because we are working together to solve your problem. You have full control and you can end our cooperation at any time. I have been professionally trained not to cause psychological harm, however, you have the right to refuse my techniques or suggestions if you think they may be harmful.


A person suffering from epilepsy or any person diagnosed with a mental illness should obtain the consent of a doctor to participate in coaching. I do not take any responsibility if an ill person applies for coaching and does not inform me about it by filling in the detailed form, which will be sent by e-mail before starting our cooperation. I am not responsible for any special or consequential damages in any way, now or in the future, which result from the use or inability to use coaching techniques.

I cannot be held responsible for the undesirable effects of coaching sessions, I am responsible for taking action to promote emotional and physical well-being. The information, techniques, methods and recommendations of Maria Ruszel are not intended to replace the diagnosis and care of a qualified psychiatrist.

It is very important that you follow the techniques I have given you and that you want to work with me. You have the right to resign, but I cannot be held responsible if you choose not to use my techniques that are supposed to lead you to achieve the desired results. Remember that everyone reacts differently, and the impact of our cooperation on your life may be immediate, cumulative, or spread over time.

Coaching outcomes are not guaranteed.

Privacy protection

In accordance with the new provisions on the protection of personal data, I am informing you about what data I collect and what I intend to do with it.

What data do I store and what do I need it for?

  • Name, surname and age – this is the basic information that helps me get to know you.
  • Address, e-mail address, telephone number – I use this information to contact you regarding your sessions. I will mainly use the method which you used to contacted me. However, if I fail to reach you, I will try another method.
  • Details regarding immediate family / GP – if I have concerns that you are at risk, I may need to contact your family or GP. I will let you know if and when I am going to do it.
  • Session notes – I keep short anonymous notes from our sessions. I provide on request a description of the system in which they are stored, if necessary.

Will I share your data, and if I do, who will I share it with and for what purpose?

It is very unlikely that I will share your data. I will not sell it or use it for unethical purposes. I may have to share the data as well as my notes if I am called to do so by a court, if you inform me that you or anyone else is at risk, or if there will be a risk that I will have to provide this information. I am subject to regular supervision, during which I talk about my work, but I do not use your first and last name.

How will I store your data?

The data is mainly stored on paper in a closed filing cabinet. Immediately after finishing work, I transfer the data with your initials to my password-protected computer. Your phone number may be stored on my company mobile phone along with your first name and surname initial. Only I have access to this information.

How long will I keep your data and how will I delete it?

I keep notes from sessions with initials for 5 years.
Your phone number will be deleted from my mobile phone 3 months after we finish our cooperation, unless you have consented to the storage of your mobile phone number and e-mail address for the purpose of receiving information regarding workshops, the newsletter, or free downloads.

Rules of cooperation and conditions for carrying out sessions


After booking an appointment, you will receive a welcome e-mail with information on what to do before the first consultation. You will receive an invoice for the amount of 55 EUR net for the first consultation and a detailed form in which I will ask you to provide the data necessary to start our cooperation.
The invoice should be paid in full no later than 48 hours before the scheduled date of consultation.
If you do not cancel a paid session 48 hours before the scheduled date, the fee will not be refunded. It is possible to make an appointment within 2 months from the original date.

Requirements for working with tools such as Zoom/Skype
Each Zoom/Skype session lasts 1 hour. With your consent, the sessions may be recorded and stored electronically or in the form of a record and printout on paper, which replaces written notes.
By choosing to participate in the coaching session, you confirm that you do not have epilepsy or other medical conditions which could put you at risk during the session, or that your doctor has consented to the sessions.
You will receive a link to the online meeting by e-mail before the session begins. Download and test Zoom/Skype before the session. Prepare for the session as follows:

  • Choose a comfortable chair so your feet are touching the floor. You can also position the computer so that I can see you when you are sitting on the armchair or lying on the couch;
  • Use good quality headphones or earphones;
  • Use a webcam with a clear signal;
  • Sit in a place where you will not be distracted;
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection;
  • Make sure your face, eyes and shoulders are clearly visible.

What happens if you lose your internet connection?

If you lose your internet connection at any point during your session, you can reconnect to resume it. If the internet connection goes down permanently, I will record a message for you. After the recording is finished, I will try to reconnect with you and summarize the rest of the session.

Before starting coaching sessions via Zoom/Skype, please make sure that:

  • You don’t suffer from epilepsy.
  • You are free from the effects of drugs or alcohol during the session.
  • You will provide me the correct contact details.
  • The environment around you is safe and will not distract you.
  • You will provide me with a phone number or other means of contacting you in the event of technical problems.
  • You will provide me with an emergency contact number to a third party.